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General Secretary's Message

Dear TEPU Leaders / Members,    

Time has come for you to Engage, Explore and Enrich. The changed position after the
verification has provided us the opportunity to challenge ourselves to do the absolute, most we
can, with all of our resources. This is an incredibly exciting time for all of. Exactly a year back,
we were engaged in the hectic exercise of verification under the New Recognition Rules which
was unilaterally introduced by BSNL Management, of course, with the blessings of more
registered  unions including the one that was in power.

During this one Year, we could not see even an atom of improvement or visible settlement in
any of the pending issues. Including those Unions who roared to the core that they will bring
down the heaven to earth, once they get recognized, have muted their own voice by
succumbing to pressures and dictates of the management through NRR. Gradual withdrawal of
privileges and facilities that have been brought in by Leaders of yonder years and  past decades
thorough their hard and untiring journey, are being sacrificed. The situation if allowed to
continue, we fear that in the years to come it may lead to a situation of writing the last chapter
on privileges and facilities enjoyed by Trade Unions in BSNL. 

The most disturbing part is the silence of our own partners too, over specific issues like non
grant of Trade Union Facilities to Registered Unions and filing clarification petition over the
orders of Ernakulam High Court on representation in councils and resolving the crept in conflict.

Instead, both the recognized unions are together at Circles / SSAs to take oppressive
measures to suppress registered unions, by jointly approaching the management to desist from
meeting representatives of registered unions and addressing their grievances. The change in
their attitude may be based on a hidden agenda of left unity. 
It’s time for us to recognize that the real challenge we face isn’t just bringing new members into
TEPU but turning all our members as dedicated soldiers with involvement.  Make sure that
every member is active and contributing, and making a real difference - because when you’re
doing meaningful work in TEPU, TEPU is meaningful to you.
It’s time to open our eyes to the potential each of us has through TEPU.  Friends, as a group
we can move mountains, we can change BSNL Worker’s lives for the better, and we can
honestly make a difference. Perhaps the greatest lesson has been that the more we challenge
ourselves, the more we can achieve. Just think how much more we can do with a stronger
base, with stronger branches filled with more Members who are fully engaged in TEPU service.
Let’s turn all of our potential into reality. It’s up to us. We can do it exclusively by engaging
ourselves for an hour every day , by getting involved, by staying inspired, and by remembering
every day the gift we have in TEPU.
Together, we will Engage, Explore & Enrich the Lives of BSNL Fraternity.